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you to maryland. 270 southbound, volume is building around germantown road. overall okay to the split. wrapping up with the maps, route 4, 301, route 5, branch avenue, everything is in the clear out here. >>> at the top of the hour we bring you the latest on our deadly summer storm. the cleanup will take a while. pepco is getting help in utility crews from out of town. they are working around the clock to get electricity restored. at last check, 147,000 people without power this morning. the areas most affected rockville, gaithersburg and aspen hill. people in the seven springs apartment complex in college park are out of their homes. the storm damaged the roof on one building and residents tell us the management company isn't helping out. >> at last check 200 traffic lights in montgomery couldn't remain dark. crews are trying to restore those. crews from out of he region are heading in to help the power get back on fast. montgomery county fairgrounds is the staging area for those crews. how is it looking? >> pretty quiet but it will pick up shortly. right now we have 3550 power crews
. tucker is out with the rest of the crew in leonardtown in maryland if our hometown fridays but gwen is here. how sweet it was to look outside and see the raindrops on the windshield. >> we say we don't want rain. we want nice weather. but we need the rain desperately right now. let's begin with a look at our maps. you can see there is some precipitation well off to the east offshore and also off to our west. we have a little circulation going on there. for today, we are talking mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance this afternoon especially to our west that we could see a thunderstorm or two pop up. it is a 20% chance right now. if it happens, it will be later this afternoon. other than that, we to have mostly sunny skies across the area. here is a look at your current temperatures right now. 77degrees at national airport. we've got 75 at baltimore and 75 at tull less. even early this morning, we are starting to get that warm, humid air in place. 77degrees at fredericksburg. as we move into the course of the day, it will pretty much stay that way. we have a code orange air qu
, in montgomery county, maryland. >> i heard you got advanced warning in your house? >> reporter: i don't know if this is common or not. but about five minutes before the thing happened, the dog, he went nuts. began whimpering and complaining. not barking. but was very, very upset about something. thought wanted to go outside. we got to the front door and he didn't move. maybe he knew what was coming. >> maybe he did. but in my house, that could mean anything. okay. john donvan, thanks very much. >> glad to hear there were no injuries. >>> now, let's go to matt gutman, in buras, louisiana. has the latest on what's going on in the gulf. good news. promising news. >> reporter: good morning, robin. sealed for now. this is the home run that bp had been hoping for. its first major success. it's not game over yet. this is a temporary fix. we're learning that the pressure readings inside the well are not nearly as high as scientists would like them to be. nearly 18 hours in. and it's holding. this colossal cork called the stacking cap, plugging oil. shooting up with a force of 70 fire hoses. 3 months
>>> good morning, everyone. a maryland home ener is at the center of the biggest international spy flop since the cold war. next on wjz eyewitness news, i'll tell you exactly how and what people are saying about it. >>> environmental battle, a federal lawsuit is filed against a baltimore steel plant. did the company pollute area water ways. >> the birds were in texas taking on the rangers. find out if the winning streak continues. taking a live look outside, we got some much-needed rain yesterday. what about the rest of the weekend? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. >>> and the 5k will begin in seconds. i'm sharon gibala live off reisterstown road where the miles that matter race is just about to begin. details coming up. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures comfortably in the 70s this morning. much more comfortable morning than we had yesterday. a little rain yesterday through the area. all of the rain is gone to answer your qu
been seen across the area. number of heat related deaths in maryland has already reached six. that's the same number reported in all of 2009. three deaths have been reported virginia and one in the district. people have be fwup to feel it. many people celebrating the fourth of july and we know the heatwave is effecting us up and down the eastern seaboard. be careful and dress appropriately and drink plenty of water. >> thank you. looking at this day ahead. now water restrictions in montgomery could be listed later today. the sanitary commission says crews are trying repair that massive water main in potomac. people could face a find. two citations have been issues and more than 200 warnings. >> metro removed some railcars fromer is sorry. the 4,000 series cars were pulled because of problems with doors. officials say they could open while the car where is moving. these dares can. but they will get put back in service as soon as repairs are complete in two to three weeks. plain's may be getting too comfortable in the sky. there's 22 near coalitions in the first six months of the y
in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland. 43,000 without power in baltimore. 48,000 in northern virginia. and the clean-up has just begun. the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now, they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in maryland, i'm kristin fisher for cbs news. >> thank you. >>> there were also severe storms in the midwest and rising floodwaters caused an iowa dam to break. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers is in delhi, iowa, with the latest. good morning, cynthia. >> reporter: good morning, betty. what's amazing about this is that this concrete dam has stood since the 1920s when it was built for hydroelectric power. the lake it formed had provided generations of iowa families with an affordable getaway until a stream came crashing down, taking out a 30-foot section of concrete. a nine-mile lake was reduced to a puddle. the sad news for folks here is in a recession, finding the money to rebuild this thing may be next to impossible. no loss of life is the only good news here. betty? >> all right, cbs's cynthia bo
maryland. >> 6:39. it's a mild morning out there. look at these temperatures, into the 70s. we are all over the place from fredericks downtown, 72 degrees. 88 by noontime, it's a humid day. we will max out to 93 in the temperature department. let's get a check on the commute and for that, we'll go over to kim brown. >> thanks, mike, good morning. along the big roadways, you see traffic moving very well at katon avenue. we are getting reports of an injury report. i'll let you know how it will affect you as you head out the door. >> we are 20 minutes away from 7:00. another senseless crime in baltimore city. >> the victim is so much more than specific. >> a young woman shot in the head and left to die in her car. i'm linda so. the message her mom wants everyone to hear. >> also ahead this morning, they were inside working when a car came roaring into the parking lot and it didn't stop. look at that video. >> they may have a worse record, but the ballpark is still a pretty place to come. we'll tell you where it ranks. >> parents, if you want major points with your kids today, well,
for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. it's time for fios. >>> maryland's health officials say two more deaths have been attributed to the hot weather. that brings the number to ten. the most recent deaths include one in baltimore another in prince george's county. both were over the age of 65 and had underlying conditions. the victims were found inside their homes which did not have air conditioning. the temperature inside measured above 90 degrees. it's 6:19 right now. now a break. >> that's right. we need it desperately around here not to be above 90 degrees. we've been 90 or higher the entire last week. our first back-to-back 100 degrees in 11 years over the course of the week. finally a little change coming our way. welcomed news. cloudy skies and some rain showers out there to get your saturday started but it's been so hot and so dry for so long that i think everyone is willing to take some cloudy cool rain showers even on a weekend. outside on your saturday take a check of it. from the roof of the hotel down near national airport where our city camera lives. cloudy and w
at that frederick, maryland, damascus, madd, 61. 60 in martinsburg. 64 in winchester. a beautiful start to the day. one or two lone some showers out in the mountains of west virginia down towards shenandoah valley. in the washington area thickening clouds. chances for rain around the washington area don't start until about 5:00, 6:00, steadier showers closer to-month. the vast majority of your saturday will be rain free except for the occasional shower. >> every barbecue we've been invited to has been rained out. yes, july, these afternoon showers. >> sketchy from a rain standpoint. >> thank you. two suspects are behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and crash nothing a police cruiser. it happened overnight around diamond back and story drive in gaithersburg. police were notified by the car's security system about a stolen car around 9:45 last night. an officer began to follow the stolen car which sped up and crashed into the police cruiser. the officer involved in the crash is expected to be okay. >>> a man threatened women at a grocery store spring them with his own bodily fluids. this atta
. pamela brown is standing by in rockville. the official at the center is germantown, maryland? >> we spoke to a seismologist and he says that the epicenter was 10 miles northwest of rockville. the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.6 which was minor. that is unusual in our area. there has only been a couple of minor earthquakes in the last couple of years in d.c. one man told me it was more sound than shaking. he heard a huge rumble and went outside to see what was going on and he realized it was an earthquake. some people did not realize it until we told them. >> we have a trained near my house and it goes by and i thought it was bad. it was way too strong for that. >> i was sitting on the floor this morning and it started moving. i was wondering what it was. >> i am scared. i did not know this would happen out here. out and iked me thought was a storm and i looked out and it was clear. i don't know what the world is coming to. >> everyone has their own account of what they experienced this morning. it is really business as usual now. people have come to grips with what happened this morni
doppler radar in maryland. it's heading through central baltimore. the expressway could be getting wet. a little heavier shower pushing across the central sections of the city. it looks like we have another spot of showers just randallstown. we will watch this push through the area. there is more down southern maryland. the wide view indicates that we are looking at a very charged atmosphere with a good chance of storms especially this afternoon. 77 is the current temperature reading but the heat index into the lower 80s. definitely going to be a sticky and uncomfortable day. we're making another run for the 90s. 93 is the 2-degree guarantee but the humidity will make it feel like 100. some strong storms firing up this afternoon and this evening. taking you to the west and westminster, 92. good chance of strong thunderstorms. you need the rain for the farms and eastern shore, you and will get the showers and storms making it to about 94 in easton. look at the heat wave, 95 dropping the humidity a bit tomorrow. 97 on friday. and 99 on saturday, could reach 100 in some back yards. here i
certified by maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, it's 7:24. we are currently dry around baltimore and towson up to our north. we've had showers in pennsylvania. this one through southern lancaster county, may clip the northern border, but the reason you are seeing clouds this morning. there's a frontal boundary to our west. it looked active a couple hours ago. but we are left with the mugginess and much more energy beyond that, as temperatures are actually at 79 right now in town. same story in easten. that will be fuel for this frontal boundary. it comes through early afternoon. the lunch hour, you may have to think twice about that outside. crossing south of baltimore around the bay bridge, annapolis, and down towards cambridge and delaware. this will be around the lunch hour and into the afternoon, it pushes into southern maryland. trips to the beach or from the beach will be wet, but by that point in time, 3:00 and beyond, we'll see the sun returning and a drop in humidity. it gets better for the weekend. today, 92, 2-degree guarantee. that should be around mi
right, george. >>> authorities in maryland, meanwhile, they say have indicted america's newest serial killer. police say 27-year-old jason thomas scott killed five women over the past two years. and they have killed more in other parts of the country. pierre thomas has the latest and joins us live from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. this morning, police say they expect the investigation to expand across state lines, into texas, florida and the district of columbia. and what they describe as a chilling case. five women murdered in a span of only nine months in one suburban maryland county. january 2009. karen lofton, a nurse fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner of her own home. her daughter, gunned down as she frantically dialed 911 for help. the killer had disarmed their security system. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. two months later in march, another nurse, delores dewitt, and her daughter, ebony, savagely murdered and burned in a car. >> i have lost a friend. >> reporter: and vilma butler, executed and left to burn in her hom
was taken into custody. >>> the maryland washington, d.c. area has been hit by massive power outages after storms blew through the area knocking down trees and power lines. a prince georges county county fire spokesman says a tree fell on a mini-van killing a woman in beltsville. we'll send you back to new york for "good morning america." we'll see you in a half-hour for good morning maryland at 9:00. ♪ let's live it up i've got my money let's get it on ♪ >>> and we've got a feeling you're going to be back with us on friday, out in the park for black eyed peas. they are part of our summer concert series taking center stage on friday. we invite to you come on back. you're being very quiet and mysterious. >> oh, the sound. >> i know. >> we say good morning, america. on this monday morning, i'm robin along with george. >>> this morning, tory johnson is going to show you some people who have really mastered the art of living. making money from home. all of these people have done it. tory johnson is going to show us how. >>> plus, they can destroy your summer fun, and your home. army of ant
, that is a field just a few miles outside of d.c. -- maryland, actually. looks pretty good to me. >> looks good. >> we'll get you the late nest a live report from down there. >> wow. >> in just a couple of minutes. we're very happy there's no damage or injuries. >>> take a look at another great picture. this is a sight gulf coast residents have waited nearly three months to see, oil -- no oil gushing from that busted pipe in the gulf. it is a relief for a lot of people. but bp cautions no one should celebrate just yet. remember, this is an integrity test on that new cap, engage the pressure within the ruptured oil well. of course it's only a temporary fix until the relief wells are operational. we'll have more on that just ahead. >>> plus casey anthony, the florida mom accused of murdering her own daughter, breaks down in court as she sees her entire family for the first time in 20 months. we'll have details coming up. >>> we'll begin with that breaking news, an overnight earthquake felt in and around the nation's capital. people working in our washington studio felt it. that is where our tom c
in maryland, traveling on the inner loop at colesville road, everything looks pretty good here on the through lanes but the ramp from colesville road on to the inner loop, we've got trees down. you want to be very careful approaching the beltway there from colesville. in prince george's county, we have a water main break reported, fort washington road at living ton road, you will find it blocked in all directions. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our big story, extreme turbulence on board a flight out of dulles airport landed several passengers in the hospital, a few with serious injuries. the united airlines flight was head from dulles to los angeles. it had to be diverted to denver, colorado after the plain experienced some rough turbulence over kansas city. passengers say the plane suddenly took a dramatic dip. the pilot asked to be diverted to denver for the safety of the people on board. most of the injuries included bruises, whiplash, strains and sprains. >> all of a sudden, the plane dropped probably 20, 30 feet. i saw at least two people hit
with an extensive criminal history. he has a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. authorities say his work behind the scenes at ups was a key part of their investigation. he was indicted in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony dewitt. >> this individual is a very bad person and i will tell that you. i mentioned that last week. we think we have just begun a long journey that will take us beyond the borders of prince george's county. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton. the loftons were found shot to death inside their home about a mile away. >>> checking more headlines this morning, another oil spill minister gulf. the latest on efforts to contain this spill and a milestone in the massive bp spill. >>> nationals fans are holding their breath this morning. we'll get the latest on stephen strasburg's injury coming up a little bit later in our sports breakfast. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  [ poof! ] who are you?
filed a lawsuit in court claiming that maryland's restrictions on carry permits violate the second amendment. the attorney attorney's office refuses to comment. >> the state delegates office is calling for stricter immigration laws. he said law enforcement officers with reasonable suspicion should be able to ask questions about people's zip -- citizenship. he would also like the rule of law act which would prohibit cities from having policies that grant sanctuary to illegal citizens and would also give citizens enforcement power. >> we will give a citizen the right to sue if that citizen feels they are put in harm's way. this will give power to the people to remove politicians in which case they could be removed from office for malfesasnce of. >> we're back in just a moment with a check on today's with a check on today's by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. wit
for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. [ maltry the subway achin'steak & bacon melt. who's side he's on. tender juicy steak, sizzlin' hot bacon, fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. ♪ >>> 8:30 on wednesday morning, july 28, 2010. rockefeller plaza packed on a bright, beautiful morning in the northeast. we are hoping for more of the same on friday when country music's golden girl carrie underwood makes our summer concert stage her temporary home. speaking of music and all things wonderful, al caught up with an unlikely duo.
double the normal amount. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? simple stuff... eating right...whole grain. whole grain? [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. ♪ >>> we are turning up the temperature here on "the early show" here on a friday morning. very nice. you're going to love this, folks, international superstar enrique iglesias will rock "the early show" plaza performing some of his new hits as well as some classics. welcome back to "the early show." >> forget to night we dance, this morning we dance. >>> just ahead, just when you thought the ongoing battle between mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend couldn't get any more bizarre, now text messages have been released, reportedly between the two. what does this do to the investigation, to the possible case here? boy, it is a new day and new details. >> somet
and warnings today. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm meteorologist justin berk. while all that action goes on in the tropics, we've got our own problems here, and it's about a heat advisory. temperatures go up to 96. heat advisories between noon and 9:00 p.m. with a small chance of a brief relief from the shower. tomorrow no relief with this. it's 100 or hotter. it will feel like 110. an isolated storm knocks us to 98 on sunday. we're still in the low 90s next week. of course, there's more weather in the next half hour. we're live in miami beach, as we watch tropical storm bonnie make her approach to south florida this morning. juju? george? >> you can see the storm clouds moving. >>> now, our "picture of the morning." a woman's camera was running when her friend decided to get a closer look at a bison in a parking lot. then, the animal decided to charge her, sending her flying, head-over-heels. amazingly, she escaped with only bruises. >> that's the second bison attack in yellowstone park. >>> coming up, late-breaking developments in the kyron horman case. what does this woman know about
high winds roared through maryland. another woman in the van was injured. all along the eastern seaboard temperatures in the high 90s gave way to a fast moving storm that caused heavy damage. in new york this storm brought down dozens of trees, one crashing this car. no injuries, but some residents thought it was more than just a rainstorm. >> it sounded like a little tornado was happening over here, because within seconds this big tree fell down and this one just missed the house by a couple inches. so it got bad. >> reporter: the nation's capital was hardest hit. >> we have a wire down over there. we have the street over there blocked by a tree that came down on a house and firefighters are over there right now. >> reporter: this morning hundreds of thousands in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland, 43,000 without power in baltimore, 38,000 in northern virginia. and the cleanup has just begun. officials in the area say the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in asp
of moving off the upper day and a two northeast maryland. temperatures are in the 70's across the area. temperatures will rise today. was 98 yesterday with lots of heat and humidity and high temperature will be around 95 and tomorrow about 94 with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook later on in the show. bianna? >> mary, thank you. >>> yesterday, we saw something remarkable. steve jobs admitting he was wrong, sort of. after growing complaints about the new iphone dropping calls when held a certain way, the apple ceo held a press conference to calm critics. take a listen. >> you know, we're not perfect. we know that. you know that. and phones aren't perfect, either. but we want to make it -- make all of our users happy. now, if you don't know that about apple, you don't know apple. >> and "gma's" technology contributor, becky worley, joins us via skype from her home in oakland, california. good morning, becky. >> good morning, bianna. >> you and i covered steve jobs for many years. that must have been a painful press conference for him to hol
in northern maryland. plenty of clouds with a passing, brief shower possible. sunshine later today. and heat and humidity return tomo >>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >>> al, thank you very much. the alleged barefoot bandit, 19-year-old colton harris-moore appears in a courtroom today after he was deported to the u.s. on tuesday following that high-speedboat chase and arrest in the bahamas. nbc's peter alexander is in miami with with the latest on this story. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. this morning colton harris-moore is right here in miami at the federal detention center. it's just less than 24 hours after authorities paraded him into court in the bahamas. we were inside the courtroom at the time when harris-moore pleaded guilty, calmly, to just a single minor offense. but here in the u.s. he could face much more serious charges. under heavy security, colton harris-moore arrived back here tuesday night capping a long day that began in the bahamas. with the suspect marched to a nassau court wearing clean high-topped shoes without laces, a bahamas t-
, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >>> 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 20th of july, 2010. 41 years after man first walked on the moon, these folks have stepped on the rockefeller plaza. one small step for man. we're going to head outside. >> cheapening something that was so significant. that's what we do around here. >>> ib side studio 1a i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. >> the troubled actress is set to begin serving 90 days in jail. how is she feeling about it? coming up, what she had to say on twitter. plus the latest why her new high-profile lawyer robert shapiro has reportedly quit. >>> also ahead, an unsettling disorder, animal hoarding. could you imagine living with more than 250 cats in your home? in a moment. the shocking story of a couple who did just that and we'll talk to a woman who is currently being treated for the disorder. >>> plus, mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend take their bitter custody battle to court. >>> let's begin with the day that lindsay lohan has feared for some time. she is scheduled to surrender for
. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >>> so, when you think of all your favorite songs, the songs that became the soundtrack of your life, what is the year you scroll back to? for grammy award-winning singer and song writer, marc cohn, that year was 1970. he has come out with a new cd that's a collection of songs from that year. it's called "listening booth 1970." he's here right now. i love that idea. but why 1970? >> i was around 11 years old. and the music you hear around that age, really burns in. it stays with you the longest. moves you the most. and that was the case with me. it happened to be also just when the beatles broke up. and the three, main writers came solo artists. and each came out with an amazing album that year. so did cat stevens, neil young. all for me, are benchmarks of great albums. >> and you give back the image of the listening booth in the record store. a store in shakers square, in cleveland. i grew up in cleveland. >> you grew up in cleveland? you remember shaker square. there was jo
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in maryland and virginia. state and local police will be cracking down on drivers. authorities will be out in full force during the morning and evening rush hour. during a similar campaign in may, police issued tickets to more than two hundred drivers. >>> the warning. for arlington red light cameras is over. starting today, if you get caught, you will receive a $50 ticket. the cameras have been in place for one month and they are located on -- at three locations. we will be back with another news update at 8 -- at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. garage cleaning runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with
maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, 27th day of july, 2010. picture perfect day in the northeast. we have a great cloud on the plaza. they're saying hi to zac efron, former "high school musical" star, making a new movie "charlie st. loudcloud" and we' talk to him in a little while. >>> matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry and al roker. what do you have coming up? >> a scary fact. 25% of all americans have credit scores below 600. what can you do right now to improve yours? five helpful hint that you can do now. >> also coming up, martha stewart's in the house. we don't always want to bake in the summer, right? in the summer heat. martha will show us some yummy desserts that will not have us in the kitchen. >> 25 years ago, they discovered the wreck of the titanic. now, less than half
jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> the umbrellas are out. 7:30 now on a thursday morning. 29th day of july, 2010. raining here in new york city. some showers in the forecast. and these folks stick around until tomorrow, they're going to be soaking wet. and they're going to be treated to a live concert on the plaza from the academy of country music's reigning entertainer of the year, carrie underwood. we look forward to that tomorrow. meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. and 29 years ago today, the world watched as prince charles and lady diana had a lavish royal wedding. this morning, final preparations are under way for the closest thing we have to a royal marriage here in the u.s. the marriage of any child of a president or a former president. >> so
records and setting new ones. 106 degrees in frederick, maryland. 104 in newark. 103 in new york's central park. >> it's really hot. my phone shut off. >> reporter: the heat isn't just crashing phones. it's straining the entire power grid, leading to blown transformers, scattered outages. even appeals from power companies to cut back on power. more than 42,000 customers were without electricity across new jersey, new york and connecticut. and in the nation's capital -- >> the heat is insane. >> tremendously unbearable. >> reporter: commuter trains had to be slowed. their metal tracks so hot, they were in danger of bending. there have already been seven heat-related deaths and even more hospitalizations, including 13 new york firefighters, treated for heat exhaustion. senior citizens especially need to make sure they're keeping hydrated. heat stroke and dehydration can cause death in less than one day. it's hot enough on the street. imagine how hot it is on construction sites. we set this thermometer out a few minutes ago. it's already 120 degrees. you're sending these guys home? >> yes, we
on police gar. tis happened in the brookville, maryland yesterday morning. montgomery county police said someone broke into the car took a rifle, load guns, two sets of handcuffs, two police badges and a baton. there's a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest or indictment in this case. >>> we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather and traffic after this. . >>> we approach the 8:00 hour, low humidity in place. now 68 in washington. we're in the mid-60s in the suburbs. rurals areas climing out of the 50 noose the 60s. highs near 8 on more humidity on friday. hotter saturday. fourth of july, low 9 o., humid. good weather for the fireworks display sun. >> take a look along 395, i-66, typical rush hour so far this morning on king street, near the metro station there, word of a water main break. be careful. maryland looking pretty good. pretty heavy prince georges county side of the beltway. >> get your holiday weekend started with news4 today. tune in tomorrow morning 4:30 for the day's news, weather and traffic. >>> 8:00 now on this thursday morning. 1st day
through a partly cloudy sky this morning. 75 now in washington. 73 degrees in potomac, maryland. 70 in fairfax, virginia. and 64 in martinsburg, west virginia. local doppler shows not much in the way of anything around here just yet, but there are showers now moving into west virginia, so rain will be a part of our forecast as we go into the late afternoon and evening hours today, and rain is a big part of the forecast for tomorrow and wednesday. >> a quick happy birthday to. >> aunt geri until oil city, pennsylvania. >> for your birthday forecast go to 24 hours a day. over to you. >>> thank you very much. still to come, mel gibson looking for a new agent this morning amid allegations of domestic abuse. more on that just ahead. up next, what was wrong with men in charge of investigating the disaster in the gulf speak out in an exclusive live interview. that's right after this. [ slamming ] [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip... we take it on ours. [ children laughing ] now during the summer even
. the epicenter was in germantown, maryland. but it was felt throughout maryland, d.c., parts of northern virginia and west virginia. it woke up our household. kind of a rumble that came in a wave, started low, a crescendo, only five or seven seconds or so. if i didn't know better, i would have it was that old cliche, a massive freight train rumbling by. meteorologists who lived here for decades say this is the most significant quake they've ever felt. small quakes happen every few years, the last one 2.0 in 2008, but literally 200 years ago, matt, an earthquake rat. ed d.c. in 1828. president john quincy adams was in the white house and he was talking about a big shaker. back to you. >> i can't believe you went to the old freight train line there. that's okay. we got you. tom costello in washington. tom, thank you very much. five after the hour, here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. president obama is expected to comment on the situation in the gulf at any moment. chief white house correspondent chuck todd is at the white house for us. good morning. >>. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. we wait
, squeezing the left lane. 95 southbound, authorities on the scene in maryland right on the point you head to the capital beltway split. stay far to the left to get by. >>> ahead, this heat can create skin problems. the doctor will tell us how to prevent everything from rashes ♪ [ male announcer ] progress. progress for new york city cab drivers, like ossman ali is being able to carry people, who aren't carrying cash. meaning more convenience for passengers, and more business for cab drivers. all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress. ♪ don't call my name >>> 7:30 now on this tuesday morning, july 6th, 2010. the mercury will push the century mark in mid up to manhattan today. lady gaga will take the summer cop sert stage. come on down. inside studio 1a, i'm lou merloni meredith alongside ann curry. coming up we'll have the latest on kyron horman and those reports the stepmother tried to target his father in a murder-for-hire plot. >>> also ahead this morning on a much lighter note, most americans enjoy ordering a juicy
'm kimberly suiters. we're following breaking news in maryland. a fire at a lumper yard in wo s woodsboro, board of frederick. there's extensive damage to the building. this is on main street in woodsboro. no reports of any injuries and no word yet on what may have cause this fire. >>> we're going check your weather and tr >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. temperatures around the region low to mid-70s, highs mid-90s and still quite humid. could get some passing storms 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. more tomorrow. still hot on thursday and friday. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> 395 delays begin at the beltway to the new lane configuration at the 14th street bridge. the rush hour wining down although we have signal problems georgia avenue just inside the beltway in silver spring. >>> coming up this morning on news 4 midday laser hair removal is >>> 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 20th of july, 2010. 41 years after man first walked on the moon, these folks have stepped on the rockefeller plaza. one small step for man. we're going to head outside. >> cheapening something that was so s
7100. 95 in maryland is in good shape right now. slow traffic southbound at the rest area through the icc work. we have a crash on westbound 50 past columbia park road. that is on the shoulder. >>> we have a cold front moving in later today. we will have scattered thunderstorms and showers later today. there may be some severe storms and it will drop that heat and humidity. we have scattered clouds overhead right now and the dew point are in the lower 70's. 4 are in the 70's temperatures right now. by lunchtime, we may be seeing some showers and thunderstorms developing ahead of the cold front that will move through. showers were scattered across the region with a chance of severe storms and tomorrow, mostly sunny, a perfect friday and a great saturday. >>> >> we will be right back with a look at some of this morning's top local news stories. >>> there is the potential for more storms this afternoon and that could complicate the effort to restore electricity to the thousands of people without power after sunday's storm. we spoke with pepco about how they are preparing for the poss
:26. here is a look at some of our top stories. maryland police have issued an amber alert. he is a two year-old hispanic male described as 3 foot and fort inches. the child was last seen wearing a red shirt. the child is believed to have been abducted a 22 year-old hispanic male described as being 5 feet 8 inches. he as a tattoo on his neck. he is believed to be driving a black nissan with maryland tags. anyone with informations is asked to immediately call 9-1-1. a dance floor turned deadly for a marina about to be deployed to afghanistan. he was shot in the chester around 3:15 friday morning after an altercation. the victim was from new orleans and was celebrating with fellow marines before their deployment. >> we need people to start getting out rage. this is a war veteran. he was gunned down for no good reason at all. >> anyone with information is asked to come forward. he is the third service member to be murdered in baltimore city this year. in baltimore county, police are trying to figure out how a car slammed into a home. it happened last night. it is a corvette. >> my friend out on
, maryland. a 24-year-old is suspected in the disappearance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,ay he may be fourth of july weekend. i would expect a little more excitement for the fourth of july weekend. forget that. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. hope everyone is doing well. it will be a beautiful weekend across the nation like lonnie told us earlier. our fourth of july spectacular takes place here a taste of america, fireworks for your mouth as we like to say. >> a good one, chris. >> i'm rebecca jarvis in for erica hill. taking you to maine for the country's best lobster and to wisconsin not brett favre or cheese but the greatest apple pie. >> we have great music from phil vassar to wash it all down. >> i can't wait. first, kate sullivan is at the news desk with the latest headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the republican national committee chairman under increasing fire from members of his party to resign over remarks he made about the war in afghanistan. he described the conflict as quote a war of obama's choosing thursday. he later said he supported the troops there but steele did not admit
. traffic is flowing out of manassas all the way into vienna. we have a crash at 29 in maryland southbound coming out of columbia and 50 west out a bowie had an accident. there are delays on 270. >>> we will have record-breaking highs this weekend. we will be back up to 100 degrees but it will be brief. in the 80 pause right now and the dew point is falling but the temperature will be high. it will be 95 for the high temperature and a lot of sunshine. you will not feel too much of a change the despite the low humidity. a slight chance of storms into the weekend. >>> mount vernon is undergoing improvements to help the disabled. accessible walkways, closed captioning for their films, and sign language and audio tours will be added for the deaf and blind for the changes come after an agreement between the justice department and the mount vernon ladies' association. we will be back with another ladies' association. we will be back with another update ♪ >>> jennifer lopez singing "louboutin." a little something. this is george. i'm robin on this -- one more alarm clock, we like to say. one mo
are going to maryland first and show you a couple of pictures of what to expect as far as volume. 270 is moving at a good pace but loaded up. we will change cameras and no issues on the beltway at the american legion bridge. in virginia, we have plenty of traffic on 66 in manassas and across the 14th street bridge with delays leaving the pentagon. we're also go on the roosevelt bridge and falls church. >>> hot and humid again but even hotter than the past several days and that is the story of the weekend. it will be unbearable as the mercury will tell about at maybe 100 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. we will be well -- we are well into the 70's already today. we have a heat advisory from noon until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow will be one category and hotter than the heat advisory. it will feel like 105 today with an air temperature of 98. tomorrow we have a high temperature of 100 and with the the humidity, closer to 110. >> we will be right back with a look at some of this morning's top local news stories. >>> the d.c. area is under a heat advisory as temperatures climb back into record terri
of heat-related deaths reported. in maryland, a 20-year-old man went into cardiac arrest while biking in 100-degree heat. with temperatures in the triple digits, the u.s. is baking. >> man, it is hot in washington, d.c. the records are being set. a heat index of 109 degrees. for the tourists, water, ice cream, maybe a little bit of shade to try and stay cool. this is not over any time soon. >>> here in raleigh, we have reports of fainting at the state's farmer's market. and if you think we're used to it here in the south, mete meteorologists say, this is rare. we had one heat index today, 117 degrees. >> reporter: why so hot? compounding the high temperatures are abnormally high humidities. we're on track to have record temperatures. >> ice cold, ice cold! >> nothing like good, cold water on a nice hot day. the only problem is when you run out. >> and the folks living in the states that have hat advisories need cold water. 11 states from georgia on up the coast. the temperatures do dissipate just a spell. it will feel still a bit steamy. we look at the temperatures. cincinnati, 91 tod
. you can see the complete interview on our website, the university of maryland center for environmental sciences is working on a new study on microorganisms. federal funding for the study will be announced today at the chesapeake bay foundation headquarters. the study could lead to healthier and more productive and fisheries. >> it is going to be another warm and humid day with a 40% chance of running into a shower or thunderstorm. take an umbrella with you. otherwise, a mixture of clouds and sunshine. i temperature between 88 and 93 degrees. that is the story until the end of the week. high temperatures will be in the up on either side of 90 degrees. >> we will have another update at 9:55. some people don't notice the difference between meat... and mystery, when they enter... the frozen zone. is it real chicken? or something else? some chicken nuggets and tenders look like they have mystery meat. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all white-meat. made with 100% natural ingredients. no fillers. no preservatives. and a delicious taste your fam
of alexander zaporozhsky's sons lives in maryland. one neighbor is ready to roll out the welcome mat. >> he's done so much for this country. i hope he's able to come here and live a nice life. >> reporter: some of the men reportedly left families behind in russia. no word yet on what exactly will happen to them. bianna? >> yunji, thank you. >>> we return to medical news and two, big drug stories. johnson & johnson is recalling more of its over-the-counter drugs. and the fda is raising questions about the safety of avandia, a diabetes drug taken by more than 2 million people. here to talk about these stories, dr. marie savard. i want to begin with avandia. there's been questions about whether it can lead to heart attacks, going back to 2007. why is the fda reopening this case now? >> that's true. so many people are taking this drug thinking they're lowering their risk for heart attack. the fda have not agreed on the safety issues. there's a lot of new data. there's been question of whether this most recent industry-sponsored study is not really interpreted correctly. >> we should note that h
in the middle of the country. we'll talk more about them this morning. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm meteorologist justin berk. when you step outside, you get a breeze of nice, refreshing air. we're into the 60s with some 70s around the bay and downtown. a lot of sunshine mixing with a hue high clouds west and south of baltimore. still expecting a mostly cloudy sky. we're down to about 86 degrees and near normal. as we head through tonight, low 60s. partly sunny on saturday 87. more clouds and showers on sunday. text your friends. this is a party in the park not to be missed. chris? >> all right, sam. robin just went to grab her parka. she's going to meet you there in two minutes. go to him? >>> chelsea clinton is getting married tomorrow. it's going to be lavish, glamorous and expensive. according to one estimate, $250,000 just for the flowers. sharyn alfonsi is in rhinebeck, new york, where the wedding is taking place on a private estate. good morning, sharyn. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this is where the v.i.p.s are expected to stay. they're supposed to be arriving in a fe
in ocean city, maryland, means the freedom to hit the beach. >> i come to the beach when it's hot so i can meet some cute boys. >> there's girls here. >> reporter: temperatures throughout the northeast are predicted to climb steadily as the hot, dry air hunkers down making some places feel more like the desert. here in the midwest cities like chicago have been enjoying this hot, dry, holiday weather. forecasters say it's about to change. a band of heavy thunderstorms is expected to drop as much as 5 inches of rain with residents in some places being warned of localized flooding. but the northeast will swelter. some love it. in stone harbor, new jersey, they slatherred on the sunscreen and built sand castles. some built their own ski ball machine. for some, though, it's just too darned hot. stay hydrated, my friends. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >>> well, let's break it all down. just how hot will it get today and how long will the heat wave last? scott williams is in. >>> good morning, lester. we'll find temperatures in the 90s and triple digits again up and down the east
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